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  • Published: April 02, 2017
The new campus at Qatar Academy AlKhor (QAK) covers 62,000 square meters and is situated on 525,000 square meters of land to the west of Al Khor, Qatar Our facilities consist of 8 connected buildings spread over landscaped grounds and are designed to ensure that our students have the best environment to support their learning and development. The buildings share 3 entrances and receptions whereby each entrance leads to the administration area and shared school spaces; the gymnasiums and libraries. The school is built with specially designed learning spaces for early years students through to Grade 12. These areas provide an opportunity for different modalities of learning to occur, such as independent study and group-work outside the classroom. In particular, the design of the internal spaces support collaboration and student-centered learning. The new school provides the environment required for a world-class education in a bilingual environment and supports the delivery of the IB program.
QAK’s new campus also hosts a state-of-the-art recreation center which includes a generous dining space, swimming pool, gymnasiums and sports halls.


Qatar Academy Al Khor is located in the coastal city of Al Khor about 50 kilometers north of the capital city of Doha. The Academy opened in September of 2008 with classes from KG to grade 4 and has been adding one level each year to reach grade 12.

QAK is a private, non-profit and co-educational school. Subjects are taught in English as the primary language, and Arabic is the medium of instruction in the Arabic language classes, Islamic Studies and Qatar History. Beginning with the Middle School (Grade 6) and onwards, students move to single-gender classes to meet cultural needs. The Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) and is an authorized IB school offering the Middle Years Programme (MYP) the Diploma Programme (DP) and is currently a candidate school for the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

The Academy uses different approaches to teaching and learning applying a student-centered approach through inquiry-based learning. The Academy aims to provide students with content knowledge as well as engaging them to develop their awareness and deepen their understanding of the world around them.

Courses and Curriculum:

Currently, Qatar Academy Al Khor serves students from Pre-3 to grade 12 and offers a dual-language program giving special attention to the reinforcement of the Arabic Language as the mother tongue and English as the language of instruction. QAK has adopted the Qatar Supreme Education Council Standards for Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and Qatar History, known as the National Programs. Other international standards are selected to fit the requirements of each subject in the Elementary School. QAK is an IB authorized school and is currently offering the MYP and DP programs at the Middle and Senior School. However, all educational programs are aligned with the subject standards and objectives to ensure proper articulation and scaffolding of skills.

QAK is fully accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) from Pre-3 to grade 12.Qatar Academy thrives to develop well-rounded students with strong personal attributes who are able to achieve academic excellence. A variety of teaching and learning strategies such as student-centered, concept-based and inquiry-based learning strategies are implemented to help students develop their critical thinking skills, be active learners and global citizens who are ready to support their community and the world at large.

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What makes your school unique?

QAK is an international school which offers a unique language program that builds the foundation for a lifetime of continuous learning. Our strong language program is centered around English as the language of instruction in addition to Arabic; the secondary school also offers French as second language. Furthermore, on a daily basis, the QAK environment encourages students to come to school, remain engaged and experience all sorts of curricular and extracurricular activities which provide them with academic, emotional, physical and social support .Our activities are not limited to the school day, but every term, our dedicated team provides the students with a different range of after- school activities to choose from including educational local and international trips. They are taught to collaborate and work together, and be responsible citizens who give back to their society through a variety of charity projects and community services. To maintain our standards, our staff members are provided with professional development opportunities to ensure that all strategies and approaches remain up-to-date. To complete the circle, we are also a school that believes in a strong home-school connection where parents are always kept informed of their child’s progress. At QAK, everyone works together for the utmost benefit of our students.