Academic Bridge Program

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  • Published: January 03, 2016
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The Academic Bridge Program (ABP) is a one year foundation program that provides high school graduates in Qatar with the academic and personal skills for success in reputable English language universities around the world, with special emphasis on preparing students for the universities in Qatar Foundation’s Education City.

Courses and curriculum:

The ABP offers a rigorous two-semester general studies American curriculum that focuses on English, math, science and computer skills. Students are placed in classes according to their skill level to ensure that they are challenged, yet able to succeed, improve and transition smoothly to university. After school mini-courses in IELTS and the math component of the ACT are also offered to help ABP students improve their standardized test scores. In addition, some of ABP’s most able students are offered the opportunity to take university classes at Hamad Bin Khalifa Partner Universities, through a process called cross registration.

What makes your school unique?
A bridge: The Academic Bridge Program is neither a school nor a university; it is a unique educational model that “bridges” these two very different environments. The ABP’s tailored curriculum, student-centered pedagogical approach and student support services cultivate invaluable academic and personal skills and give students the confidence to adjust faster to, and consequently succeed in, higher education. Beyond essential academic abilities, research, problem solving, and critical thinking skills, ABP students learn to manage their time and workload, meet deadlines and study efficiently and effectively, all of which are vital to their success in higher education and beyond.
Cross registration: One of the ABP’s most unique elements is cross registration, because it offers ABP students an exceptional opportunity to experience university life first hand, earn college credits, and prove to the university admission office that they are capable candidates.

MoUs and CEA: The ABP has also fostered agreements and Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with approximately 20 universities in the UK, Germany and the US and has received in 2011, full accreditation from the Commission on English Language Accreditation (CEA) in the United States. The MoUs and the CEA accreditation help students, who meet the required criteria, to fast-track into universities without having to take an additional foundation year.